Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1. april 2020

The Government deleted its message after an outcry on social media, but by then the damage had been done. There were further attacks on the four the following day in the government-aligned press, and a rash of online deaths threats to Zgaga.

One such missive stated the award-winning investigative reporter “must literally be shot!”.

“It’s really not a nice situation,” Zgaga said.

He believes the message was prompted by his lodgement, on the Friday, of a Freedom of Information request seeking details about this mysterious new body, the so-called Crisis Headquarters.

As far as he could see, Slovenian law made no provision for such an instrument. And the manner in which it was established rang alarm bells.

The Krizni stab was unveiled on the night of Friday, March 13 after a bizarre and unprecedented parliamentary session in which Janez Jansa seized power.


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