Deutsche Welle, 6. maj 2020

Blaz Zgaga, a Slovenian investigative reporter and one of DW’s 2020 FOSA award recipients, has had to endure a barrage of online attacks for criticizing the government’s strategy in the coronavirus crisis.

These days, Slovenian journalists who disagree with their government never know what to expect when they check their Twitter or Facebook feeds. The same is true for leading figures in the country’s public TV broadcaster, RTV Slovenija. Even the head of government felt compelled to intervene when editors there faced death threats.

And he did not mince words: “Under the patronage of the extreme left,” the broadcaster had become “a central instigator of hatred and threats,” he said, further alleging that it is part of an ominous “group” that threatens “health and life” during the coronavirus epidemic.

Deutsche Welle

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